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I believe that every human is capable of self-discovery, change and growth.  I collaborate with clients to create reasonable, attainable goals for positive life change.  I see clients as partners in the therapeutic process, empowering them to continue personal growth well beyond the context of therapy.  My academic credentials are supported by 20+ years of clinical and youth advocacy experiences in higher education, non-profit community-based programs, military contracts, inpatient residential care settings and private practice.

I work with teenagers, age 16 to older adults. My extensive experience allows me to work successfully with a diverse array of clients. I am comfortable with people from a wide variety of racial, cultural and religious backgrounds.  I recognize that each person’s situation is unique. In order to meet your needs, I use holistic, traditional, and integrative approaches.

I have had the privilege of being inspired by hundreds of people as they’ve grown and transformed beyond all expectation.  It is truly a symbiotic relationship I have maintained with my clients, who have helped me become the person I am today.

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